IFS Group was established in 2002 and is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina. We provide service solutions to meet our client’s operational needs. 

Who is the IFS Group?

The IFS Group was founded in 2002. We have been serving the Charleston, South Carolina area with high-quality practices and methods ever since. Three things make us more than your average office cleaning company. Our team management, quality control, and customer service put the IFS Group at the top of our industry.

Proper team management means that we treat our employees well. We are proud of our high employee retention rates and the productivity of our personnel. Quality control is how we ensure that our clients are always receiving the best care possible. The way we provide superior customer service is by customizing our work and methods to the needs of each workplace.

Our Full Range of Services

We are a commercial cleaning company that offers far more than just janitorial services. IFS Group provides a full range of services that will maintain the look and integrity of your entire building. We take every cleaning job seriously. IFS starts with our janitorial or office cleaning services. Those can be completed at night when your employees have gone home or you can take advantage of our Day Porter services. Our office cleaning experts can be on hand every day to provide a fast response and maintain your office spaces.

Are you planning a special event? IFS can be there for you before, during, and after the celebration to keep workspaces neat and tidy. We can even care for the exterior of your building with services like window cleaning and pressure washing. IFS can also care for your landscaping or parking lot. Our attention to detail can serve your entire appearance, inside and out.  

One of our missions has always been to save our clients money. We can simplify your budget and billing with our supply management. Letting us manage your supplies takes one thing off your plate. We can also cut your long-term costs by maintaining or restoring your surfaces with our floor care services. It is more than just carpet cleaning. Paying now to manage your floors is going to save you money in the coming years.   

Our Strategy for Success

IFS Group delivers a premium level of customer satisfaction by challenging ourselves to the best in this business. The way that IFS stays ahead of the other commercial cleaning services is by our commitment to 7 areas of high-quality service.

  1. Safety: IFS personnel takes responsibility for maintaining a safe and healthy workplace by staying up-to-date on the appropriate laws and regulations.
  2. Working Relationship: We communicate effectively with our employees. IFS sets clear goals and develops strategic plans of how best to achieve those goals.
  3. Professional Personnel: IFS protects your property and appearance with professional office attire and actions. Our employees conduct themselves with respect for you and your property.
  4. Optimization: We are always striving to stay on the cutting edge of the technology and techniques of our industry. We embrace a continuing education in the ways we can serve our customers.
  5. Communication: IFS shrinks our response time by actively listening to your needs and taking a proactive approach to cleaning.
  6. Product and Operation: We track our productivity and improvement to ensure we are always getting better at our job. IFS maintains proper standards to provide optimal performance.
  7. Value for Investment: IFS has always provided cost-effective solutions at an exceptional value. Our clients know exactly what they are paying for with no hidden charges. We understand your needs and how best to provide for them.    

Contact us today at 843-797-3522 or our offices in North Charleston, SC.


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